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Practical skills your managers need
to build and lead a top team

6-day Team Leadership Training Programme

8 out of 10

managers get promoted into a management position without any management training

* Source: Chartered Management Institute


of people have left jobs because of a bad manager (I'm one of them)

only 27%

of workers assessed their manager as highly effective


of workers with an ineffective manager feel valued and appreciated. With an effective manager the number is 72%


of workers with an ineffective manager is satisfied with their current job. With an effective manager it's 74%

Capable managers, who help their teams grow

Usually people get promoted because they are really good at their job. But... leading a team requires a whole new skillset!  

And yet, most team leaders don't get any training. Yet, most of us are thrown in the deep end. Somehow you need to magically know how to deal with that person who isn't motivated, who isn't doing their job properly. Or with the team that doesn't take ownership and accountability, where nothing seems to happen if you are not there. ​

The good news: leadership is a skill you can learn!

Spark unlimited's training courses teach you all the right skills you need to lead your team. So you feel equipped and confident as a team leader. 

✨Bring a Spark to your team!✨


"I've tried to address it, but nothing happens. It's like they don't get me. And what if it all escalates?! That would be even worse!"

- Nothing happens when you are away

- When you ask who will pick up the action, all you hear is crickets

- I know I am supposed to give feedback but I worry about how

- You hear a lot of moaning but no-one takes ownership.

- They are all professionals but sometimes it feels like running a kindergarden

- some are even more experienced than I am, and they certainly are all very senior. Do I really need to tell them what to do?

Something needs to change, that's clear. And you feel you've tried to say something, several times even, but it doesn't seem to come through. So now you're not sure how to tackle this.

And what if they overreact? Last time you gave critical feedback, your team member started denying everything and came up with all sorts of reasons why it was absolutely not their fault. 

They might get really angry! That would make things even worse than they are now!

You can't afford to loose a team member. The team is hardly coping as it is, with the current workload.

You know it's not just you. The rest of the team is bothered by it as well. And you know they are looking at you to do something about it. You only read about it the other day: "Nothing will kill a great employee faster, than watching you tolerate a bad one". 

Which is also annoying. Why do you always have to sort it out? Aren't we all grown-ups??

You sometimes doubt your capabilities as a manager. You feel like you are not being taken seriously. You start to wonder whether you even want to be a manager. 

Do you recognise this? Then it's time you learn to build and lead a team. Because yes, that is your role, and it's a skillset . 

How it just gets worse...

✅ You've tried to address that behaviour several times, but they just don't seem to get it! 

✅ As soon as you bring it up they start defending themselves. So frustrating! And you know that means you just start to talk more and more. With no result. 

✅ If it all ends up in conflict, it'll be even worse!

✅  You know it's not right, but should you be the one addressing it? 

✅ You are overthinking things. Going round and round in circles about how they might react. This is becoming BIG in your head.

​✅ What if you just wait a bit longer? It might sort itself out (although admittedly, that hasn't really worked so far).

✅ You know your team is expecting you to do something about it. You worry that you are losing their respect.

✅ If you don't address it, you know it will just continue? You know you can no longer accept that.


Just imagine...

Instead of avoiding those difficult conversations, because you worry about what will happen, or trying to address the behaviour without any result,  you feel confident because you know how to tackle this.

You feel OK going into this conversation (it will still be a bit scary, but you now know that's normal) knowing that your relationship will still be intact afterwards. Or even better! 

You're no longer going to get yourself stuck in an endless conversation. You know how to deal with the reaction of the receiver. They'll understand what you mean. And act on it.


The sky has cleared, you feel relieved. You finally understand where they come from, and you can see that changes are starting to happen. A weight off your shoulders.

You are a better manager. The team gets what they are expecting from you. They respect you.


You know and own the fact that setting boundaries is part of the job and your relationship with team members actually feels more honest.


A 6 month Team Leadership

training programme

You will learn and practice all the skills that come with leading a team. That's a bit about you ("all leadership starts with personal leadership"), about building strong relationships with your team members, think coaching skills, giving feedback and delegation. But you'll also learn about team dynamics. (yes, people in groups behave differently!). You'll learn all you need to know about how to get the team to take ownership and responsibility and let not everything depend on you

What are we covering?

✅  That you are normal 🤓 i.e. why it’s so scary to address behaviour 

✅  That before giving any feedback, you need to look in the proverbial mirror 🪞

✅ Why people don’t seem to "get" your feedback 

✅  How to deal with the reaction of the receiver (which is the tricky bit, really)

✅  That there is a difference between “addressing behaviour” and “giving feedback”

✅  The 5 steps of giving brain-friendly feedback

✅  Practicing and experiencing those 5 steps. It makes all the difference

✅ A super clear Feedback checklist that you can use afterwards

Cameras on, Mute off, Action! 🎬

Pilot Price at £99,=

Ticket sale ends Sunday 25th of June

This pilot price is a one-off because it's our first public training. Get in there now! 💥


At the end of the training your managers will have achieved this

Why this training programme is different

👌 It's a "proper" training programme. Which means practicing, making mistakes and improving. Not just listening whilst you do your e-mail.

🤓 Attendees walk away with new skills. Not just knowledge (those two are not the same 😏)

💷 A lot of value not just for the attendees. Think about it: it's not just competent managers that you are aiming for, their team(member)s will benefit too. There is a correlation between manager effectiveness and team member engagement. And engagement leads to a higher productivity.  Win-win-win

👟The attendees will get super clear step-by-step plan that they can follow when they "go out in the wild" after the training

😀 It'll be interactive and we'll definitely have a laugh (whilst being serious. Of course). Not a boring webinar whilst you do you e-mail, or an online training programme "at your own pace" that you won't do at all

❤️ Your trainer, Marlies, has been in your position, having lead many teams. She knows what it feels like!

🤝 You'll be working together and practicing with your fellow learners, so you expand your network and get to know likeminded people (who all struggle with the same things!)

What others said


Whilst this is a pilot, i.e.our first open for the public  training, we've done similar things before.

The post-its are from a 2-hour Feedback workshop. 

Average feedback: 9/10 🤩

Claudia, who did a 1:1 Feedback training, gave it a 9 too.  She said:

"Clear, practical, emphatic. Left with less fear and loads of tips" 

Is this training for you?

"I don't have a problem with giving critical feedback"

This is actually literally what I said, when I did further feedback training myself 🤭. To just find out there was still so much to learn and improve. You will too. So yes, this training is definitely for you! The tools you learn are applicable to any tricky (courageous) conversation. For example, you'll experience that it takes way longer than you realise before someone feels heard. Which is essential in any relationship. 

"I don't have any particular problem situations/ team members to deal with right now"

Lucky you! You don't need immediate problems, to do this training. Giving proper feedback and addressing unwanted behaviour are core management skills, and I am 100% certain that you will need it. Plus, you can use the techniques you learn, with that noisy neighbour from next door too. 

"I don't manage a team"

Whilst the training is specifically aimed at leaders of teams, the general skill of addressing unwanted behaviour and giving good feedback is a general life skill. Managers, peers, the coach of your football team, they all need your feedback! So you are very welcome. I'm sure you'll have an example to work with. 


About Marlies

Your trainer is Marlies Butterworth, founder of Spark unlimited .

Marlies has managed every kind of team you can think of. A large team of factory workers, a small team of professionals, project teams (with no formal reporting lines),  a large team of managers of managers (of managers). And everything in between.

She knows leading a team is tough. And also rewarding. 

Frequently Asked Questions

"I can't make it on the 30th of June, will you plan another date?"

Not for now, but who knows. This is a pilot after all. So you better try and make space in your diary!

Half a day is so long, can't you do a shorter session?

We could, but then there would be no time to practice. And that's what makes ALL the difference. This is a proper training where you walk away with a new skill, not just clever knowledge (you could just read a book). You need a bit of time for that!

I have Zoom fatigue, I am not sure I can cope this long. Will I survive?

I am very convinced you will survive and even enjoy it!! You might even forget the fact you are on Zoom. It will be interactive, we'll have a laugh and you'll be busy. No time to get fatigued!

If I am honest, I think it's my manager who needs this training. What should I do?

You could show it to your manager 😉! But I'd say this is an excellent reason to come yourself.  The techniques you'll learn will help you to have a proper conversation with your manager about what they need to change. And still have a good relationship.

Are you going to record the training?

No. I want to make sure everyone feels safe to share their stories and recording the session will not encourage that. You will get a useful handout though, in which you'll find all the information you need.

What if I don't like it?

You get your money back. Simple.

Can I put the training on expenses?

That's a question you need to ask your employer. You will get a proper invoice and you can pay by card, so from that perspective: go for it!

I'd like to do this training with my team/ in my business. Is that possible?

It certainly is! Go to our corporate Training page 

Other questions that we didn't think of? Ask them here

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Feedback without Fear

Address that behaviour,

without having to worry about your relationship

Tickets @ £99,=

Only now at a Pilot price

Ticket sale ends Sunday 25th of June

Training logistics

📆  Friday 30th of June

⏱ 9:15 - 13:00 BST

🖥 On Zoom

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