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How do you feel about being a leader? Does it make you Sparkle? Can I see it in your eyes when you speak?

Or does it feel the opposite? Frustrating? All your energy seeping away. So that by the time you get home, there is nothing left. You find yourself wondering if you can actually do this. It feels lonely. 

Leadership starts with you. Before you can lead a team or an organisation, you will need to be able to lead yourself. Like the oxygen supply mask in a plane: help yourself before you help anyone else. 

The leader of a team plays an important role in how well a team performs and collaborates. The good news is: leadership is something you can learn. And you don't need to go to Harvard for it. 

Leadership Coaching or Mentoring is for you if you can acknowledge that you as a leader have an important role to play in how well a team works. That you may be part of the problem AND the solution. It's for you if you believe that you can DO something about how you lead. Whether you simply want to improve -because one always can!- your Leadership skills and can do with a fresh pair of eyes (because yes, it is lonely at the top). Or because you don't actually feel very confident, are not enjoying it. Or when you simply know you are not getting the best out of you or your team.

I am here to ignite your Spark! Because leading a team can be hard work (I am not going to lie about that), but it can also be fun and very rewarding!



Coaching and Mentoring are both very much future and result oriented. We start with where you want to get to. Whether you want to make a transformational change or tackle a specific topic. 

Coaching is all about helping you think and explore, and not giving advice. Finding your own answers in incredibly empowering and motivating!

With mentoring I will give you advice and direction based on my team dynamics and leadership expertise.

Whether it's coaching or mentoring: the goal is always to empower you to become a better leader. So you can bring a Spark to your team! I have the belief that you can be a great leader. My role is to support, challenge and encourage you. 

One pre-requisite. You need to be motivated: to look at yourself, make changes and take actions. To take the responsibility for where you want to be.

I see our coaching/ mentoring relationship as a partnership, with you in charge. You'll have my full support. A confidential relationship, based on trust. I aim to create a safe and relaxed atmosphere in our sessions, with some added fun too. Feeling comfortable is key, so choosing the right coach/ mentor is important.


Have a look at the different options on offer.


Coaching Programme for High Performance

Six month Leadership Programme, with monthly coaching sessions. Expect a transformational journey.

We will set an aspirational goal and work towards that over the months. 

Reflection, challenging, finding new ways. Resourceful.

6 x 90mins monthly sessions.

Online on Zoom.




Coaching combined with Hypnosis techniques for rapid and powerful transformation

This programme combines the "normal" High Performance Leadership Coaching Programme with a mesmerising deep dive, using Hypnosis Techniques. 

Adding Hypnosis to the coaching mix adds powerful, fast and scientifically proven techniques that have the power to transform you and ignite your Spark.


3 x 90 minutes bi-weekly Hypno-Coaching sessions

Online on Zoom



Your role as a leader in the team is crucial. What can you do?

We are going to have a look at what's going on in your team and what your role in the team dynamics might be. I'll observe you in a teammeeting and we'll have a session together.

You'll get practical advice and direction, about what you can do to improve the dynamics in your team. Inc my best and favourite team exercises!

2 hour session + team questionnaire

Online on Zoom.




This is how it works.


1. HELP!

Deciding you want help

This is where you have decided that getting some help is a good thing. A courageous first step! 
If you think that person to help you could be me, all you need to do is contact me: an email, call, text or submit the contact form and let's move things forward!



Spark check

Next thing is that we plan some time and have a chat to see if there is a spark. That will take 30-45 mins and is free.
This is for you to understand how I work, what I'm like and to get a flavour of my style. And for me to see how I can be of best help to you.



Start coaching/ mentoring

If we get to this stage, you have decided you want to work with me and start your journey. Yay!
We will do some official paperwork (i.e. contract) before we start. 
And's all ready, set, go!

Sparked your interest? Contact me. Nothing to lose!

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