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TEAM LEADERSHIP SKILLS TRAINING one ever taught me how to lead a team!?!

Leading a team requires different skills than your professional job. Yet, most of us are thrown in the deep end. Somehow you need to magically know how to deal with that person who isn't motivated, who isn't doing their job properly. Or with the team that doesn't take ownership and accountability, where nothing seems to happen if you are not there. 

The good news: leadership is a skill you can learn!

Spark unlimited's training courses teach you all the right skills you need to lead your team. So you feel equipped and confident as a team leader. 

✨Bring a Spark to your team!✨


Have a look at our training courses

All sessions are highly interactive, fun and above all practical.

Below are in-company training options.


Looking for a Leadership Programme? Combine courses to your liking. Your own Training Pick ' Mix.

Different topic/ length/ group size? Just ask.


Build a Brilliant Team 🤩

A team that works! Also when you're not there.


The Power of Coaching 💡

Empower your team! And make them less dependent on you.


Feedback without Fear 🔁

Improve your team with feedback while keeping positive relationships.


Dare to
Delegate 🙋🏻‍♀️

Stop doing it all yourself! And develop your team.


Brilliant Team


A team that works! Also when you're not there.

Some teams give energy, others that drain it all away. But why? And how can you make sure, your team is that brilliant team? That people queue up for, to work in?

Where performance is high, people take ownership and you get a sense of Sparkling energy....also, when you're not there.

Most people think building a successful team is simply assembling a group of highly talented people and letting them do their thing. Unfortunately, that's not the case (you'll know plenty of sports teams that illustrate that perfectly!). 

Building -and maintaining- successful teams is a core leadership skill, and that's exactly what you'll be learning in this training. You'll find out why teams behave the way they do, and what's needed to get the team -as a whole- to a higher level. You'll get loads of practical tips and tools to build your own successful team.

Because you want a team that works, right? I call it a Team with a Spark ✨!

Full day session (7h)

Face to Face or Online

Max 16 participants F2F; 12 for online. In-company.


Coaching skills


Empower your team. And make them less dependent on you!

Wouldn't it be great if you could increase the self-awareness and accountability of your team members?! So they don't always come to you to solve their problems? That's exactly what training your Coaching skills will help you do. You get the tools so you can help your team members find the answers to their own questions. And empower them on the way.

In this training we'll focus on the most underrated, and most important communication skills there are: listening and asking questions. Sounds way easier than it is!

And seriously, there is nothing more rewarding and powerful than seeing a lightbulb-moment happening!

Full (7h) or half day (4h) session.

Face to Face or Online

Max 16 participants F2F; 12 for online. In-company.

£2550,-for full day; £1500 for half day

Feadback without Fear


Improve your team with feedback while keeping positive relationships.

Do you worry that giving constructive criticism might damage your relationships with team members, or even worse, lead to conflict? You're not alone. Giving feedback can be scary, especially if you're not sure how to approach it. But avoiding it altogether can have even more damaging effects on your team's productivity and morale. This training on giving feedback and addressing behaviour will help you build the skills and confidence you need to have those difficult conversations with your team members. You'll learn practical techniques for providing constructive -and positive!- feedback that will help your team members grow and improve, while still maintaining a positive and respectful relationship.

Don't let fear hold you back from being the best leader you can be!

Full (7h) or half day (4h) session.

Face to Face or Online

Max 16 participants F2F; 12 for online. In-company.

£2550,-for full day; £1500 for half day

Dare to Delegate


Stop doing it all yourself! Delegating develops your team and helps you focus on what you need to do!

Struggling with delegation? Because you feel guilty towards the team? Or maybe because it's just faster to do it yourself? Or (ssssh!) nobody can do it well as you can, after all.

You are holding yourself back. And you team. 

One of the key skills that will really enable you to become a better team leader is the art of delegation. Not only just because there is more work than you can handle on your own. Also because it gives your team the opportunity to develop.

You'll need to be able to delegate if you want to grow yourself as a leader and the capabilities of your team.

Half day (3h) session Face to Face or Online

Max 16 participants F2F; 12 for online. In-company.


Bright Sparks
Image by Cristian Escobar


Can't find exactly what you are looking for?

Spark unlimited can custom design training to your exact needs. Always with the aim to help you get better at leading yourself, and your team!

To help you create a team with a Spark✨.

Here are some options for inspiration:

- Discover your (team's) Super Strengths 💪

- Know your Values 🧭

- Feel more confident 💥

- Assertiveness 🙅🏻‍♀️ (How to  say "no" to a request. But in a good way)

- Understand each other with DiSC (inc individual report) 🔎

- Explore your topic with Lego© Serious Play © (I am a certified facilitator)

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