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Hi, I'm Marlies Butterworth, founder and driving force behind Spark unlimited. Originally from The Netherlands, but in the UK for over 15 years now and married to an Englishman. Like to think that has helped me to anglicise quite a bit. One could call it best of both! Also a proud mother of three teenage boys (imagine the mountains of laundry). 

So, what am I like, and what do you get when you work with me? I would describe myself as straight talking, purposeful, supportive, sensitive and clear. And add a bit of fun in the mix. Having a laugh is pretty important to me. If you work with me you get nearly 25 years of hands-on business experience.

You get the real, not always perfect, me. I like to go deep, get real and have fun – making the most of each opportunity we work together. You will also get my total commitment to do my best in service of what you want and need.

I am a fully qualified (team) coach, my diploma accredited by the International Coach Federation. Trained and qualified in systemic constellations work, hypnosis, DiSC, Lego Serious Play© and much more (one could say I have a self-development addiction, I LOVE training courses and reading books!)



It's taken me years -dare I say decades- to be at this point where I can say I truly love what I do. And it has been quite the journey. Started off in supply chain and project management, working for two of the biggest names in the chocolate industry (Mars, Milka & Cadbury, anyone?). And I'm grateful for the hands-on experience my corporate career gave me. I know what it's like to be stressed about work, to lead a team and be responsible to deliver some very stretching targets. 

Despite liking the jobs I have done since then, there was always this tiny little voice saying: yes great, but do you really LOVE what you do? Over time that voice was sometimes very loud, and sometimes only the tiniest whisper. But it was always there. It became especially noisy at times of uncertainty: when I moved country, when a contract was coming to an end, when I was returning from work after 3x a maternity leave, when I was at risk, when my role was made redundant.

At the point a choice had to be made, that voice was litterally shouting. "But do you really get excited about this? Do you want to do more of the same? What do you actually really want? What is your passion?". Always heard it, hardly ever listened.

And then, one day, I decided it was enough. I had finally come to the conclusion that it was time to start listening to that voice. To find out what it was saying and do something. I was being coached myself. And that people, made all the difference!! I found out, what I knew all along: that I had the answer somewhere in myself. I just needed some help getting it out. So yes, I finally had the clarity of knowing what I really wanted: it's my personal mission for people and teams, to see a spark in their eyes. To feel great about what they do and how they work!

My goodness, that was a relief. So I took the plunge and set up my own business. Spark unlimited was born. You get where the name came from.



A spark in your eyes. For you or your team to feel that tinkling sensation!

I set up Spark unlimited to help you find that spark. To ignite your inspiration. The word ‘inspire’ literally means ‘to breathe in’. When people face a challenge they sometimes talk about taking a deep breath to find courage or strength. Spark unlimited is here to help you find just that. To find that courage, to start your journey and feel that sparkling sensation. 

Be inspired and spark your aspiration! 


What other people have to say about me!

Marlies is a professional, inspirational and trusted coach. I had a great experience with her. Together we went through a very thoughtful, meaningful and inspiring process. Thanks a lot Marlies, to have helped me in looking "beyond the borders”!

Giuly, Marketing Manager

"I got a huge amount from my coaching with Marlies. I worked with Marlies when I needed help prioritizing some big life decisions. She managed to get to the crux of what I was feeling, and coached me to find my own answers. Ultimately, this coaching has given me the confidence to take some tangible steps towards achieving two of my life goals. I would definitely recommend Marlies’ coaching. A brilliant experience."

Joanne, Brand Manager

“The sessions I have had with Marlies have been hugely impactful.  Marlies creates a great environment in her sessions which encourage me to be open and reflective but also always looking for how I can develop ideas which work to my own style.  The sessions with Marlies have given me tools and the confidence to better control my own career but also become a more effective coach with my own team. ”

NPD Programme Manager

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